Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone, go-ahead to the traffic development plan

MONFALCONE - Green light to the Port of Monfalcone for the new industrial plan estimating an increase in traffic, not only in the traditional sectors of steel and forest products, but also by means of a resolute diversification of logistics and merchandise.

Consistently with the company's development plans, Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone (CPM) has decided to move the mobile crane Liebherr-LHM 550 – provisionally located in the Port of Trieste – from Trieste to Monfalcone, where CPM operates with more than 70 direct workers/employees, plus public stevedores, that represent about 40% of the total shift/gangs. At the same time, CPM will submit a request to the Port Network Authority for the availability of part of the warehouses in the port of Monfalcone.
If on one side a possible need to increase the available space also in the steel-product sector is already on the horizon, on the other side the results of 2019, being filed in these days, confirm the precise will of the company to implement a new phase of development. Last year, Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone handled 2.7 million tons of goods (including both discharging and loading), with a slight decrease of 2.6% mainly attributable to wood pulp trades, which recorded a negative trend of -15% compared to 2018, with a reduction of 138,000 tons.
As highlighted by Captain Giancarlo Russo, President and CEO of CPM,  «The market trend provides us with positive forecasts for the future, working hard to increase the commodities handling and more rings of the supply chain. We certainly have a constructive dialogue with the Port Network Authority, that from January 1st extended its governance for the Eastern Adriatic Sea to the Port of Monfalcone, in full compliance with the L. 84/94 and also through intermodal distribution – in the perspective of port network and urban and environmental sustainability, making the most of the support and attention to the maritime-port cluster provided by the FVG Region and by the Monfalcone city hall».