Napa's precidency assigned to Trieste, the ports of Monfalcone and Chioggia join the association

TRIESTE – Today, during the General assembly meeting of NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association), the presidents reaffirmed the intention to continue common activities focused mainly on promotional and institutional field.

The 2014 has been particularly positive for all the NAPA Ports with 1,835,960 teus handled, and an overall growth of +9% of container traffic in comparison with the same period of 2013. Since 2010, NAPA’s year foundation, it has been registered a growth of +43%. In particular, for what concern the 2014, Trieste handled 506,007 teus (+10.3%), Fiume-Rijeka 200,000 teus (+17%), Venice 456,068 teus (+2.1%), Capodistria-Koper 673,885 (+12%). In 2010 the total container traffic in the Napa Ports were of 1.284.750 teus, in 2011 of 1,591,540, in 2012 of 1,580,605 and in 2013 of 1,674,975.

According to the presidency rotation, for the next 6 months the presidency of NAPA is taken over by Trieste Port Authority. The current year will be very challenging for all the ports of call, especially in terms of European issues, starting with the new financial perspective 2014-2020.

During today’s general assembly, it has been signed the new Memorandum of Understanding in which all ports confirm the mutual interest in supporting the future development projects of each port in order to contribute to create a strategic international development plan in line with EU guidelines and market needs.

Moreover, by February 2015 the members of NAPA will not only cooperate in the European’s priority projects, but they will also jointly participate at the “Multi-annual work programme” (TEN-T). The project has been recently launched by EU in order to reciprocally support each ports’ development plans through innovations, competiveness and the sustainable development of the railways sector, the use of alternative fuels and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as well as on the port areas improvement.