Monfalcone, CPM embarks thirty-six engines for the Black Sea

MONFALCONE - Sixty-six crates containing engines (36 in total) dispatched to pumping stations of a Russian pipeline.

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Monfalcone, CPM concludes last shipments for the Vessel tower in New York

MONFALCONE - The series of shipments to New York for the “Vessel” structure in Manhattan, NY, were concluded during the last few days and maintained of a reserved nature upon the customer’s request.

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Port of Monfalcone, freight traffic remains stable in the first semester of 2017

MONFALCONE – With a growth percentage up to 53%, foodstuffs and oil-based products have substantially contributed to the upward dry-bulk traffic trend in the Port of Monfalcone in 2017.

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Project cargo, CPM unloads machinery with a weight of 160 tons thanks to its newest purchase

MONFALCONE - A 162-tonn machine, plus two 18 and 6-tonne containers containing other industrial equipment, were unloaded this morning at the Port of Monfalcone by Compagnia Portuale staff.

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New crane to improve competitiveness and efficiency: CPM invests in the Port of Monfalcone's future

MONFALCONE - Today, Compagnia Portuale Srl part of the TO Delta Group inaugurated its newest crane:  a Liebherr LHM 550 with a capacity of 150 tons with a 54-metre arm and a lifting speed of up to 120 metres per minute.

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Monfalcone: Cpm, Deutsche Bahn and Wallenius-Wilhelmsen sign an agreement to ship cars from Europe

MONFALCONE - A cooperation agreement was signed today in Monfalcone between Compagnia Portuale Srl and two major international partners to attract new clients and cargo to Portorosega. The partners of the initiative that could pave the way for strong developments in the short term, are DB Cargo Logistics GmbH, the logistics department of the German railways and Wallenius Willemsen Logistics, a global leader in RoRo shipping and logistics.

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Port of Monfalcone, vehicles and metallurgical products take off

MONFALCONE - In the first half of 2016 the Port of Monfalcone has observed a 10,67% increase in the traffic of metallurgical products. 

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Port reforms: Trieste and Monfalcone under the same Authority

TRIESTE - The Port of Trieste and the Port of Monfalcone will be managed by the same Port authority.

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Monfalcone, traffic growth during first trimester

MONFALCONE – An increase in traffic and a confirmation of the strategic role towards USA’s East Coast. The Port of Monfalcone responds during the first months of 2016, showing a positive trend which has managed closure for 2015 with +3,85% with an approx. 4,5 million tons moved and 9,7% traffic increase for the port of call, during the first three months of 2016.

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Port of Monfalcone keeps growing in freight traffic

MONFALCONE - The freight traffic in the Port of Monfalcone is still showing growth in 2015, moving 4.45 million tons of cargo (+3.9% compared to 2014) during the course of the year.

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Monfalcone, strategic for the project cargoes departing to the U.S

MONFALCONE - Twelve yachts directed to Florida in addition to the steel elements of the Hudson Yards (Tower A) from New York, directed  to Houston, TX have left the Port of Monfalcone last week.

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Monfalcone will shortly start workflow of channel excavation

MONFALCONE - Within January the time schedule for the excavation of the access channel to the Port of Monfalcone will be effective. The project will be simplified as the Region is accelerating the procedure. The consulting committee has been discussing the regulating plan of the Port of Monfalcone.

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