Port reforms: Trieste and Monfalcone under the same Authority

TRIESTE - The Port of Trieste and the Port of Monfalcone will be managed by the same Port authority.

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Monfalcone, traffic growth during first trimester

MONFALCONE – An increase in traffic and a confirmation of the strategic role towards USA’s East Coast. The Port of Monfalcone responds during the first months of 2016, showing a positive trend which has managed closure for 2015 with +3,85% with an approx. 4,5 million tons moved and 9,7% traffic increase for the port of call, during the first three months of 2016.

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Port of Monfalcone keeps growing in freight traffic

MONFALCONE - The freight traffic in the Port of Monfalcone is still showing growth in 2015, moving 4.45 million tons of cargo (+3.9% compared to 2014) during the course of the year.

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Monfalcone, strategic for the project cargoes departing to the U.S

MONFALCONE - Twelve yachts directed to Florida in addition to the steel elements of the Hudson Yards (Tower A) from New York, directed  to Houston, TX have left the Port of Monfalcone last week.

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Monfalcone will shortly start workflow of channel excavation

MONFALCONE - Within January the time schedule for the excavation of the access channel to the Port of Monfalcone will be effective. The project will be simplified as the Region is accelerating the procedure. The consulting committee has been discussing the regulating plan of the Port of Monfalcone.

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Monfalcone strategic regional transport policy: working to improve access to the Port and to eliminate "bottlenecks"

MONFALCONE - Monfalcone, with its freight demands, is at the centre of discussions within the transport policy of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. As stated last night in Monfalcone the Regional Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mariagrazia Santoro, intervened (along with the director of Trenitalia for Friuli Venezia Giulia, Simone Gorini and the Head of the Turin-Trieste railway network of Italy, Giorgio Botti) by the Special Commission for suburban rail transport and sustainable mobility for the suburban municipality of Monfalcone.

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Port of Monfalcone Ready to Increase The Depth of the Port Channel

MONFALCONE - The ministries of cultural assets, tourism and environment, have signed an agreement to allow the increase in depth of the Monfalcone port channel, yesterday in Rome.

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The Port Authority discusses the hypotheses for new developments in rail connections at the 20th meeting of “Transrussia”

TRIESTE – Institutional meetings, evaluation of new markets and the hypotheses of developing the rail connections in the North Adriatic area, are part of the marketing plan of the Port Authority of Trieste.

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Two Plans to speed up the excavations of the sea floor in Monfalcone

MONFALCONE – Two plans are being considered simultaneously to find the best solution for the sea floor of the Port of Monfalcone.

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Napa's precidency assigned to Trieste, the ports of Monfalcone and Chioggia join the association

TRIESTE – Today, during the General assembly meeting of NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association), the presidents reaffirmed the intention to continue common activities focused mainly on promotional and institutional field.

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Monfalcone, two marine enginges bound for a shipyard in Shanghai

MONFALCONE – Two marine engines bound for a ship yard in Shanghai, in China, have been discharged and reloaded from a barge coming from the Trieste canal in the morning.

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