Project cargo, CPM unloads machinery with a weight of 160 tons thanks to its newest purchase

MONFALCONE - A 162-tonn machine, plus two 18 and 6-tonne containers containing other industrial equipment, were unloaded this morning at the Port of Monfalcone by Compagnia Portuale staff.

The contract was curated by the renowned freight forwarder, Cesped Spa of Lauzacco (UD) in partnership with Marlines Srl, a local broker and shipping agent for ports in the Region. The cargo arrived on the M/n Amoenitas and once positioned on the dock was delivered to SBE, Monfalcone. to its size it was unloaded by two shore cranes, one of which has been operational a few months and owned by CPM. Without this investment, it would not have been possible to handle project cargo like this today at the port. The crane in question is the Liebherr LHM 550 with a capacity of 150 tons, a 54-metre outreach and a lifting speed of up to 120 metres per minute.
Purchased a few months ago - and started operating in mid-December 2016 - dedicated to loading and unloading steel slabs, iron and steel products, the new crane will improve CPM’s yields by 20-30%. Thanks to its available fleet of vehicles and equipment, CPM is now able to satisfy the needs of any type of request even further, also offering a rail link within the it’s areas. CPM has specialised vehicles and experienced personnel for railway transport, with a total of 8 railway tracks available within the Port of Monfalcone. At just 500 metres from the Port, the Company also operates an intermodal terminal of 40,000 square metres, with 10 railway tracks.